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domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

How To Allow Benevolent Spirits Into Your Auric Field

By Kim Platzer-Sowter
Connecting to the spirit realm is not as difficult as it may seem. All it takes is an understanding of how our physical world connects to that of the spiritual plane, patience and a good deal of letting go.
Spirit is not above, below or beside us. They exist within and around the physical world separated by ‘the veil,’ which is the vibration of light that intertwines with our physical being. The light that I am referring to is known as the aura or human energy field. The function of the aura is to filter and emit information that comes into our being and manifests as thoughts, feeling, health and choices.
The aura vibrates at various rates of frequency. The frequencies formulate colours that shift and change depending on the external and internal stimulus. This may be in the form of the food we eat, life experiences, relationships, and our own free will. When negative thoughts, toxic foods or drugs are consistently consumed, the aura emits a lower vibration of light frequency which in turn vibrating to the lower energies of spiritual and earth plane. Such energies can mask the true voice of spirit, blanketing any connection to guidance and heightening fear. That is why it is so important to be aware of lifestyle choices when developing as a spiritual medium.
Once we appreciate the physical fundamentals we can move onto the mindset. A key element with development is to plant the seed into the mind-KNOW and BELIEVE that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. When you truly believe this, all coincidences, miracles and the impossible becoming possible will make sense. Energy is transferrable and transformable, it never dies but does alter with intensity. 
The following is a simple and effective formula to begin developing as a medium. I use it extensively when teaching and mentoring individuals, all of whom establish a relationship with their spiritual guides.
Create a sacred space that you and only you will use for connecting with spirit. It may be decorated, infused with incense and candles whatever you wish. This space will be important because as you develop and alter the auric frequencies this space will hold the vibration. After a while, when entering the space a vast difference will be felt compared to the rest of the home. This is a build-up of psychic/spiritual energy that spirit will use to draw on as well as yourself.
Invoking the intent to connect to spirit - It assists the mind and body to begin a development session with the intent of clearly connecting to spiritual guides of the Divine Light. Ask by having the Divine realms clear away any debris or dirt from the aura. Some people feel a subtle shift in their energy field when this intent is voiced. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.
Breathe – Breathing allows for the mind to quieten down and the focus of the consciousness to be less distracted by mundane thoughts.
Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat three times or until you can feel the breath enter into the abdominal area freely and easily. Maintain a rhythm with the breath. Energy follows awareness, focus on the breath to bring the awareness back to the self each time the mind becomes distracted.
Stillness – To be in the stillness is the closest we can be to really being in the present moment. Do not play music or have any other distractions that will impact on the moment of stillness. Some people find this very uncomfortable, even a little frightening. It does take a while to become used to the silence but once you allow for the mind to relax the connection to the innate sensitivity that is your being will heighten and therefore sensitize to the energy of the room and all that is within. (I recommend practicing this for 5 minutes a day and gradually building on this time)
The Heart is the transmitter for sprit messages- The heart center is the connection between our physical self and spiritual higher self. It is amazing at just how much work this energy center actually does, which is why clearing and connecting to the heart is so importante.
  • Bring your awareness to the heart
  • Breathe into this center while visualizing a beautiful green light emerging from your chest
  • As you exhale this light becomes brighter
  • See the light and feel the power of its light
  • Bring the awareness upward through the throat and out the top of the head
It is common to feel a little restricted or light headed. This is an energy block and can be easily overcome through breath and allowing for the emotions to flow.
Adapting to the Calling Card of Spiritual Guides – It is time to shed the veil and allow for the frequency of spirit to merge with our being.  By now the breath should have adapted to a rhythmic cycle merging with the comfort of the stillness. The heart will feel open and a new sense of love will emerge.
The final step is to call your spirit guide forward. It is that simple however there may be varying physical experiences when this is done such as,-Feeling a heavy presence- This is not a negative entity. Spiritual guides have their own ‘weight’ just the same as physical beings.
Pressure to the head and back- Your guide will be adjusting their own energy frequency to match yours. It can take a while for this sensation to fully integrate. If it becomes too much ask your guide to step back. It is not uncommon for the feeling of a spiritual guide almost blanketing or sitting on an individual. It is all about adjusting to the energy frequency.
Dizziness and Nausea- I had a lot of this when developing and again it relates to the block in energy. Go back to focusing on the breath. Perhaps even do a chakra clearing of the entire energetic system before and after the session.
Completing the Development Session – Thank your spiritual guide and ask that they may step back away from your aura.
Focus on the breath once more and slowly bring the awareness back to the stillness of the room. Before standing up ground your energy by feeling it move down the body, flowing into the ground to fully integrate with the body and earth.
Over time the above formula will become the basis for the medium’s tool box towards development.

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