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From Pain to Illness – become aware of the message from your Body ~ Part 2

…Continuation of the first part

Illness – and now !

From my viewpoint illness is to be regarded just as some continuation of some preceding body pains or ailments. In case I do not take any notice of any such signals from my subconsciousness my body has been left no other choice than to increase the dose of pain or to come forward with presentation of some sort of illness.

Serious diseases for example very often are due to some deeply rooted and prevailing problems which have been carried about already for some years. Also some traumatic experiences in early childhood may lead to falling ill at some later time and I am including here also psychic diseases.

Everything somebody has ever experienced in his/her life has been stored in a certain way in his/her body-cells and chacras and it is some fraction of it only which is at his/her disposal. Humans are fast when suppressing painful experiences of shock or traumatic nature into their subconsciousness in order to evade further suffrance. And it is the task of human subconsciousness to safeguard human beings and their bodies from having to relive such experience all over again.
If there is any difficulty which we have to face causing certain problems for us it is our subconsciousness which will try everything for us to find some way out of it. In case we are in some special situation having caused for us some traumatic experience in our past life our subconsciousness will admonish us with warning signals to act with caution.
Does such situation occur a second time it will probably react with phobies, panicking, or bodily symptoms. And thus it is human subconsciousness solely deciding about good or bad for its human body of certain human persons entirely responsible for their bodies. Doing so it overrules what the soul may wish.
As mentioned already above the procedure of healing is a similar one. Please, start with signalizing your body: “I did understand what you mean. I have – from now on – to take proper care of Myself!”
Also with diseases the procedure is alike and it does not depend on the peculiar pain nor disease. It all follows the alike pattern and it is this pattern you have to take to your heart. Solely by taking this pattern to your heart will make you aware how powerful are your thoughts (There is a complement by Raphael on proofreading)
Accepting disease and reacting thereto in some positive sense will serve as signal and will be the start for some healing.
Each and every disease may be referred back to some basic cause. You have to find such cause and you have subsequently to deal with it. There may be various specializing experts (Psycatrists, Therapists. Life Coaches, Mental Coaches, Spiritual Healer/Advisor, good friends) which may be of substantial assistance. According to its level of difficulty, complexity, severe grade of disease etc. advice of some profound and professional expert is urgently needed.
Do not rely on one medical discipline and method only! If you encounter some spiritual Healer/Advisor promising you Healing of Cancer for instance or recommending to cease taking prescribed medicaments – that one will have lost his professional mission and clear sight. All above mentioned specialists may be added as complementary advisors according to the severe grade of disease. This is entirely up to you and your decision ant it is of utmost importance.
And still I am stressing my point that each healing will always start within oneself.
Did you recognize e.g. that you had been abused in your childhood – this has been hidden and enclosed deeply in your subconsciousness since you do not want to relive such horrible experience once more again and repeatedly too. Such traumatic and undigested experience may be causing grave bodily and psychic problems or else diseases to you which is your subconsciousness signalizing you.
According to complexity and background of any disease one consequence thereof will be that you have – with professional assistance – to go forward level by level. It is indispensable that you are prepared to approach with an open and frank mind the core of its matter in a loving way. Duration of such process to dissolve the cause of any problem/disease depends on many facts which would go far beyond this article here.
And how about to continue here? Here is some excerpt of Archangel Raphael’s message:
“Only when you are in complete control of your thoughts you will be able to “fight” any kind of illness in your body. To fight does not mean you are against illness! No, much more, it is that in such case you are competing for Health!”
It is your attitude towards pain and its further proceeding to some illness that is most essential.
If you exert all your power and strength to fight against pains and illness you will never be successful. Accept please the message of your subsconsciousness, of your body, and start to communicate that you are prepared to mutually attend to its healing procedure.
We are human beings and as such we are consciously spiritual beings of high complexity.
According to each course of treatment and assistance – simplified here for readers – you will notice what the basic cause was. To elaborate on its cause and core of the problem will alter step by step your perception, your understanding and your attitude to the situation. This also might lead into dissolving all negative energy accumulated and your body accordingly may – in a holistic way – proceed to its healing.
It is from my own experience that I sensed how it is felt if one has recognized the core of one’s problem and circled it. The relief is deeply felt and sensed in a good way. Still it is not done by merely recognizing it. According to each prevailing cause and situationit is your attitudes that have to be changed to matters, dealing with certain people or emotions towards some peculiar situation. Many a time certain patterns of attitude and hence evolving emotions are connected to one another and thus establish some peculiar interaction. This will also remain even if one has recognized and dissolved everything.
As soon as your subconsciousness has recognized that the message has been understood and hence the person concerned has changed his/her attitude pains or illness may be reduced and demounted either step by step or all of a sudden. I am very conscious about my explanation quite simplified and not going much into detail. However, I believe the conception of it is easily to be recognized.

Past Life and Soul Experience

There are additional two other field conditions which are to be considered hereby and which I want to deal with shortly. These topics alone may fill a book and are of great interest to all those wanting to go deeper. Today it is widely known from Regressions into past lives (under Hypnosis) that certain pains or diseases of past incarnations might influence the present and actual life.

As I see it in such cases there will be no medical doctor able to be of assistance. If you have an open mind for it you may turn to some spiritual healer or specialist for regression or alike. These experts may for instance recognize what is the problem here. The may also gain some assistance of the subconsciousness by applying some hypnotic procedure and find out what are the true and basic reason for some ailment.

Annexed is some recommendation Video on YOUTUBE
Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation –
Skip forward to 2:35 minutes
Take care if choosing spiritual healers of alike people. There are not only honest human beings on earth! Some of the priority is that you must feel well and comfortable with such peculiar person and you have to confide in him/her. If it is not so – turn on your heel and make our get-always as fast as you can.
Now I want to point out some reasons and causes of pains and diseases which are quite difficult to retrace and follow. Once a soul decides to incarnate on earth it might be because this special soul wants to make the experience of pains or some disease with some lethal end. This is not easy to comprehend but has been proven several times by way of regressions under some hypnotic procedure. Hereby several stakeholding groups come into my mind which will of course never agree to it.

don’t fall ill at all in first place

Whoever wants to have pains or fall ill? I believe there is not anybody who consciously wants it or? Let us take some excerpts from Archangel Raphael’s message as some helpful comment:
…only if you are in control of your thoughts you will be able …..!”
All emotions (fury, fear, hatred, etc.) undigested which have arisen fromout various situations of life – they always start with one thought only. And afterwards that peculiar law will come into existence which is valid all over the entire universe:
“Cause and Effect!”
In the course of your life you will be confronted repeatedly with situations serving you to make your own experience. They altogether may not be so easy and may influence your life extensively. Always when facing such kind of situation ask yourselves always again and again:
“What is it this situation will teach me now?”
Try to separate the emotional level from that of the matter and then contemplate on both. It will become clear that here some interaction of your will is needed enabling you to grow and collect experience. And now you have the choice how to react to the situation or challenge presented to you. Is your input filled with negative energies you always will receive also negative energy in return. This again will be “stored and recorded” in your body.

If you recognize the system, the process of learning from it or some possibility to alter the angle of contemplation on it in which case you will not feed this experience with negative energies but with new knowledge you always will obtain positive energy in return. And such positive energy will motivate you – effect healing and your consciousness will change accordingly.
There is some certain problem in it namely you have been used to applying the same system of alike attitude for years. And thereby a well functioning automatism resp. default behavior has been developed. To break through such automatism will ask for patience, a good portion of composure and practice. You will ascertain that with progressing time you will become better and better in it and thus you will enjoy the newly won energies, motivation, and freedom too.
So once again : keep your thoughts under control!”


You’ve done it – arriving at the final end of this article. I do hope we were able to inspire you a little demonstrating possible measures to cope with pain, illness and healing thereof.

The whole article (from Part 1 and 2) together in a document as a PDF file [click here for download]
Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.
[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

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