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From Pain to Illness – become aware of the message from your Body ~ Part 1


Following Article I shall publish in two parts. The 1st one comprises:
  • Channeled Messages – Key to your Subconsciousness!
    Explained hereunder is the differing effect of a channeled message and how such messages become keys to communicate with your subconsciousness
  • Pain is the beginning!
    How does some pain start and which are the basics why and how pains may increase
  • Pains – and Now!
    How to cope with pain and about evolving some strategies to overcome it
The 2nd part of my article deals with following subjects:
  • Illness – and now!
    how some illness may evolve from pain and what are the possibilities to regain health
  • Past Life / Soul Experience
    Which are the influences of “Past Life” and “Soul Experience” to pain or illness in this incarnation?
  • …At first not at all falling ill
    what can I do to avoid suffering from pain or disease ?
so let us start now…


Channeled Messages are the Key to your Subconsciousness

As we all humans have differing pre-requisites for our comprehension of channeled messages and their subsequent interpretation – I tale herewith the liberty to write down some thoughts about it. Your comments and mine to the messages of Archangel Raphael may differ to one another and this is quite in order and all right. This is due to individual resonance of each- and everyone. To simplify it would to express that such a message is the key opening something in you or contrary does not open anything at all. What it is will differ from one to the other.
This opening has nothing to do whether somebody has been spiritually enlightened or has been kept busy with such topics for a long time or is just starting on it. It is more so that each soul has to go forward on its very own path individually and never – ever should compare his-/herself with any other human being.
This may be the door opening up which is linked to some pain or illness accompanying you for quite a time or you cherish the view that life as a whole is to be considered a painful experience. The message calls up some resonation in you since you are expecting something from it. Those enjoying health for the time being so not resonate that much to it. Still I am in the position to tell you – being healthy and not so much healthy – it will be of concern to both parties. Since one party wants to regain health and the other one don’t want to fall ill. And thus Archangel Raphael will present his prescription for both parties here.
However, thereby it is to be taken into consideration that it is you – the human being – which is the most essential ingredient to it.

In the beginning there is pain

Migraine Headache
And many humans assume that pains or some illness will always appear anyhow and also will pass by according to the situation or in worse cases are to be treated medicamentally or even via some surgery. We do not ponder much about it because we – as explained in the message – have delegated the healing of it to others. Many humans only start thinking in a deeper sense about pains and illness and even only then when pains are relatively high and illness wearing on relatively long and also in such case when there is only some minor chance of being healed again. Even in such case there are many people ignoring the message of their body and they learn to live with their pains by taking either medicaments or trying to get rid of it by undergoing some surgery.
And this is what Archangel Raphael has accordingly informed us about: All pains and all illness are based on some basic information – being the key to it – which should be decoded first of all. Since this is the way your sub consciousness calls for your attention!
In case you did not have any pains nor any illness you may truly assume with some substantial certainty that you are leading a life which is a:
  • happy,
  • filled with goodness,
  • carefree ,
  • and loving one.
If, however, you have pains or illness this will be – as described above – the attempt of your subconsciousness to attain your attention. And it is up to you how to proceed with such symptoms. Ignoring some pain will very often make such pains grow in due course. From such pains may eventually arise some not deadly illness and from this one – in some later period to come – some probably final deadly illness. I do not want to create any fear in anybody yet only to show what eventually may be some possible end.
Human subconsciousness follows its own way through human bodies. It systemizes such mode and also makes use of some certain pattern. Pains and illness all entail a basic message which, as explained by Archangel Raphael, has to be decoded. Surely he will submit to us in one of his next following messages further pieces of information.
There are quite a lot of further interesting also to be found in the book-market and on Internet dealing with same topics. Thus I refrain from going deeper in such subject of how to deal with such “Body-Messages” and their decoding.
You will in the annex a survey of alike literature:
Links in Internet:
If you want to retrieve more infos regarding this subject there is quite a lot of information if you google it. Following key-words may come in handy:
  • Illness of the body caused by ailing souls
  • Illness and messages of the soul
  • Illness message of subconsciousness
Terms like Symptoms, designation of illness may be combined in your search.

Pains …. and now!

We all shall get to know still more from Archangel Raphael or did you browse already through the Internet or in books about it ?
Most important and first of all is that you start learning to communicate with your body. Yes indeed your body is able to listen to you. Each of your bodily cells is being connected to all other cells of your body. And those again with other parts of your body. Your body with all its parts is some highly complex bio-Computer containing also some consciousness. You are a spiritual being with some bodily experience!!
Best to start is to signalize to your body: “I did understand you – I have to give you the appropriate caring!” Once you understand that you may communicate with your body you will grasp the fact that it is only you who is responsible for any process of healing. And such responsibility may not be delegated to somebody else. (There is a complement by Raphael on proofreading)
Emotions just like fury, hatred, mourning, Helplessness, Fear, etc. are all based on negative energies all of which – when lasting for some longer time – may lead to pains or illness. If I – e.g. do recognize now that my persistent pains in the stomach are related to the so called “Fury in the Stomach” to a peculiar person or situation – I may well be able how I shall deal with it in time to come. There I am facing various modalities depending on each prevailing situation. In the following you will find some strategies to overcome such situations:
  • I do evade such situations in order not to sense any longer such fury
  • I shall explain my point of view and do no longer bottle up all in my inside, seeking to clear matters resp. the situation in a special talk
  • I am learning not to get set up so easily any more about minor matters since I have to get aware
  • That this afflicts damage to myself and my health
  • I am not on the payroll of the Corporation XY that I take anger and annoyance home and thus I resort to some emotional decoupling from such grievances
  • …etc.
It is not the matter of detailing to you solutions or strategies of how to overcome such situations which are listed above. These are just furthermore some conceptual suggestions not attached to perfection.
Sometimes conscious changing one’s own attitude or awareness to some special situation or challenge will suffice and may also lead to some instantaneous betterment.
Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.
[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

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