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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013


The easiest way to raise your energy while raising your consciousness is using pranic energy.

This energy is seen in the free state in nature and also around the person's body as part of the aura of healthy people.

How can we best use this energy?

There are two excellent methods, whose origin is lost in time ...

The first is:

This method is recommended by me since I used it several times, in almost all its variants and for different purposes.

We all know that breathing takes a huge place in our body's health.

But what most of us can not imagine are the other effects of the energy contained in the air, energy that we absorb in the process of breathing.

The link for the book below, is recommended to understand the esoteric theory - which means internal - of breathing, because it contains the most important on this subject.

It was from it I learned very young yet how to manage my energy and since learning is a long procedure, I  often turned to this precious little book.

However, as a summary,  I leave you here how to do the  Yogi complete breath.


Before starting make sure that the site is properly ventilated, eaten for over 2 hours and has loose garment worn.

The ideal conditions are: morning fasting, after having washed and open window or outdoors, preferably without any clothes. It is also recommended maximum silence.

Put yourself in the foot, legs apart and hands on hips or waist.

Start breathing without worrying about the time. For now, as you inhale, lift your shoulders, visualizing the upper lungs, filling with air and energy.
Then, expand the ribs, to fill the rest of the lungs completely and continue inspiring to fill the belly full.
Then exhale, pushing the shoulders down, bowing and shrinking belly to expel all the air.
If you exaggerated movements, do not mind it ... mind on doing slowly.

Later, when you have practiced long enough - I mean in days, not to breathe this way more than 5 times a day - can and should train the pace.
I remember I did not learn it all in one day ... be patient ... after a week you will feel better with more energy and more "intelligent." ;)))
The initial rate should be slow. Inhale for 6 pulse and wait 3 beats to expire, exhale for 6 pulse and wait 3 to inspire again.

With the habit, you will hear and feel his pulse, but can see how it is initially, placing his hand on carotid artery in the neck.

This is the rate that should be used: your heart.

Will also verify that the heartbeat will decrease as breathing this way.

This is important breathing rhythm using 3-6 or 4-8 to start a meditation, astral travel or distance healing.

Sometimes also use when I want to see auras better ...

Once you do this type of breathing for a long time, this will be your usual way of breathing ... ever, because it becomes automatic ...


Some call it Tai Chi Chuan, I frankly do not can call any of it ... because it does not use fixed positions or movements.
What I do, to gain energy with the movement, is a kind of dance, very slow, when I move the whole body, following the energy present at the site where I am.
I realize that some people do not feel the energy, but as soon as I start to move, I feel it and do the corresponding movements.
After a few minutes, stop and feel a sort of tingling throughout the body.

It feels very nice as active circulation and stimulates muscle coordination. Also "spread evenly" the energies of the aura and the physical body.

Some people point out other benefits ... I think the important thing is to practice.

I used this method often to calm down and whenever recovering from various kinds of diseases.

Note: this post is number 45, mean change (5) of structure (4) numerically ... hope so ... well ... enjoy
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