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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

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It is no accident that this chapter is the eleventh (11). According to Kryon this number brings enlightenment.
You must use a lot of common sense to interprete auras. The colors are not equal to those of nature as has been said here and the color range is so varied that we can confuse them.
To give an example: the black color indicates lack of psychic development but also may indicate only a lack of health in a specific organ or body site. And in this case the person may also have some spiritual development.
Auras are for human bodies like the light of the sun is for the sun. Are a manifestation of the essence not the essence itself.
Before starting with the colors I want to indicate their origin. We always think about chakras but in fact the seven chakras are energy centers associated with the seven bodies we have.
 The seven bodies of mankind:

 1 - Physical Body
 2 - The Astral Body
 3 - Prana or Vital Force
 4 - Instinctive Mind
 5 - Intellect
 6 - Spiritual Mind
 7 - Spirit
I will not speak of other bodies corresponding to the other six major chakras, because few of us can see it and even fewer know exactly what they are.
 See question 2 on the 13 chakras.
The first three bodies are subordinate to the physical plane. Although there is much to say about them, it is not very interesting to us, for the time being.
About 7-Spirit, we know the following: its color is pure white. Nobody in 3D saw similar color. You must be at the level of God to see this color, which implies a power so great that it would be lethal to us in our evolutionary state.
The color more like the white is the color of the ultraviolet spectrum and the ghost or astral body. This has been said with proper distances: the first has a very high frequency and the frequency is even higher than we are allowed to see in this 3D-body. The second frequency is very low even though it is one of the first layers of the aura to be seen.
This layer of the aura, the astral body, can be seen by almost everyone. It is very common to perceive it at funerals hovering over the dead.
When people do astral travel during sleep it is this body which is used as a vehicle.
When one of my grandfathers was in a coma, I used to see his astral body frequently.
The most interesting for the observation of color are the spiritual bodies: 4-instinctive mind, 5-intellect and 6-spiritual mind.
The instinctive mind is common to all nature and us. It is through it that we connect to nature: animals, plants and even the mineral kingdom.
All these bodies interpenetrate, are not tight. We can not tell where one begins and another ends.
For example, some animals have an instinctive mind so developed that has already reached the first level of intellect.

Humans today use the three minds: instinctive, intellectual and spiritual, often do not control any of them effectively.
Most human uses more intellectual mind. And the spiritual mind is still the least developed.
And that explains the colors we see when - after being more comfortable to see the aura of our body, the aura of our loved ones, animals, etc.., - go to the street to see.
Now let's think about the ethical part: I submit one thought to ask permission to see the auras of people around me. I'm sure they receive the message it because I see some auras and others I can not see.
It works like this: I send the request telepathically. All people get it especially at their unconscious level. Maybe some know on a conscious level what I do. Unconsciously or not, they show their aura or not.
Try not to look too intently at a particular person. Moreover, it has to be trained well, you know we have to be quick to see and do not force anything.
Sometimes, even the people found themselves backward, because they feel our examination. Do not worry, look away and start again.
At first try to see the heads, which have the background of the sky.
The background of the body to be seen, is better to be without no colored objects and a few forms, to avoid interference.

The colors that are taught me: I will make comments when necessary.
An important question that you should ask yourself when you see an aura:
These colors please me?
If you have a pleasing sight, they have high frequency and are good. Likewise, if you do not like them, they are not good and the frequency is low. Using other knowledge about  the person that you already knows, you 'll find out what these colours means.
Black represents hatred, malice, revenge and similar feelings.
As I said before I saw the absence of aura (black) on a person who had severe pain in the neck bones and many problems there. Had rickets when young.
Brown, a bright shade, represents selfishness.
If people knew how ugly this color is they would avoided "using this clothes'color".
Brown-gray, a hue peculiar (almost like a corpse), represents fear and terror.

I've seen this color in people who are too sick.
Green, a dirty shade, represents jealousy. If there is much anger mixed with incarnated jealousy flames appear on a green background.

Green, a shade almost the color of slate, represents low deceit.
This green is really ugly. I've seen it around the head of a person and in a color dull and ugly.
Green, a peculiar bright hue, represents tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others, reveals a certain level of development and "diplomacy".
Green, a beautiful and bright beautiful color like the ocean. All the healers have it, to a greater or lesser extent. It is a kind of "medal of honor." All healers can be recognized by this color without a doubt.
There are other shades of green in the new auras. When we are in development, possibly after an important event in our life appears a very light shade of green mixed with yellow or violet, depending on the person. Amazingly there is harmony between these colors.
Green, in a tone alive and "tree" appears next in parallel with the red light and live in the lists or horsehair health of various organs of the body.
Red, like the hue of the flames, mingled with the smoke, leaving a building, burning, represent sensuality and animal passions.
Red flares seen in the form of a bright red, similar in its appearance, with a flash, indicates anger.
The background varies from black, when it is caused by hate, the ugly green when provoked by jealousy. Sometimes there is lack of cause and has no background.
Again, I tell you that is so ugly that if everyone saw the appearance of this aura, never wanted to have that attitude.
Crimson represents love, varying in tint according to the nature of passion. A gross sensual love (and) will be a dark crimson and opaque, while, combined with higher feelings will appear with bright and pleasant tones. A higher form of love is a beautiful color pink.
I saw this pink color only once: I asked a friend to think of someone who she liked a lot, and saw her aura color of this flooding, is so beautiful and indescribable.
Brown, a reddish hue, presents avarice and greed.
I've seen this color in the aura associated with horsehair or streaks only to health, instead of healthy red and green, this one had spleen with brown specks of bright light, a bit like a lump. This person had cancer in the bones. She had a lot of pain at the time that I saw and had applied medication I checked the site where these colors (hip) were. However, although her case was serious, she is a fighter and survives today with enough quality of life.
Brown also means abandoning the things of the world, so the Franciscans adopted it.
Orange, a bright shade, represents pride and ambition.

This is what my teacher taught me, I should disagree: maybe some tone in particular is so but what I have observed is that the aura is a very common background especially in women.

I saw many women with this predominant color and continue to see it. I associate it to the domestic concerns of managing a home and several loved ones. It's a nice color and bright and even interesting to me that never had it in my aura.
I associate this color to the eternal feminine, the power of creation. It is the color I have seen, that is more similar to the color of the 2nd chakra.
Yellow represents particular intellectual power. But from what I've seen a variety of tones is so great that one could write a book talking about the nuances of color.
I've seen everything from dull yellow, greenish-yellow, especially on the head of people lying and poorly evolved. These colors are very ugly and unpleasant.
On the other hand I've seen yellow as pure and bright like the water when it is pierced by sunbeams. It seems poetic, but the person in question is pure always thinking best of others and has a high spirituality. It is one of the few people I know who truly understands the mysteries of spirituality. It is a serious student of the mysteries of the Spirit.
In this person the golden halo and golden cup in a half moon, above the 7th chakra, the colors are more vibrant and authentic I've ever seen. They really are golden.
The geometries of the halo on top and bowl are absolutely amazing and I know others that correspond to three major chakras.
The colors of  these 3 chakras do not match with everything that’s seen here on Earth, and I think they belong to the ultraviolet spectrum. It was the first and almost only one time I saw those colors.
This person has also another basic color in the aura: the violet very clear.
All this indicates that the person, has a strong sense of religiosity unconventional. Do not hold the tenets of a particular religion and seeks true spirituality.
Blue, varies in hue from a dark indigo to a beautiful violet very clear.
The indigo is since the 90s, much talked about but little understood. For me is no more than one color of transition. I already possess this color and I have missed it. I must say, I felt very angry and nervous at the time and I spoil all small electrical appliances and credit cards in which I touched.

After finishing the series of chemotherapy treatments and radiation, I noticed that my aura went from light blue to indigo. It was a kind of caterpillar stage of a cocoon, short phase by the way, before the aura changed to green and yellow. At this stage I realized that I was a healer and that one was the longest phase lasting about five years. My colors changed again for about a year ago (2011) and now  (2012 at the time) I see in my aura, especially yellow and violet. They are bright colors accompanied by bright green stripes. In 2013, all these color are different. I have a hue dark blue with green stripes almost all the time.

The light blue is typical people with some spiritual capacity depending on the tone. It means that the intellect has developed sufficiently and can teach others because they are on the threshold of spiritual development.
Some teenagers have a very blue tint "like a baby blue color", that means immaturity and the possibility of being easily very influenced.
It is also very good and appropriate for those who have the ability and willingness to see auras.
Remember this: when we see the aura of others we perceive it through ours. So the clear our aura is more clearly others auras colors are perceived by us.
Moreover, people with auras of lower frequencies are thus prevented from seeing auras for the same reason.
We have spoken of the colors of the visible spectrum, but we have this extreme ultraviolet colors and in other extreme the infrared colors.
While the entire visible spectrum may be seen by physical eyes with training the colors outside the visible spectrum can only be seen by the 3rd eye.
While the ultraviolet colors indicate psychic development, used for the good, the infrared colors indicate that the person applies his/her gifts to less good purposes and uses it to his/her own advantage.
I've never seen color infrared. I hope they are rare. ;))

Now I will present the colors of the aura by the words of Lobsang Rampa, who was a doctor and a seer:

"The Colours of the Aura.

Every musical note is a combination of harmonic vibrations which depends upon being compatible with its neighbours. Any LACK of compatibility causes a “sour” note, a note which is not pleasant to hear. Musicians strive to produce only notes which please.

As in music, so in colours, for colours also are vibrations, although they are on a slightly different part of the “Human-perception Spectrum.” One can have pure colours, colours which please and uplift one. Or one can have colours which jar, which jangles the nerves. In the human aura there are many different colours and shades of colours. Some of them are beyond the range of vision of the UNTRAINED observer and so, for those colours we have no universally accepted name.
There is, as you know, a “silent” dog whistle. That is, it resonates on a band of vibrations which human ears cannot hear but which a dog can. At the other end of the scale, a human can hear deeper sounds than can a dog; low sounds are inaudible to dogs. Suppose we move the range of human hearing up — then we should hear as a dog does and would hear the high notes of the dog whistle. So, if we can raise or shift our sight range up we shall be able to see the human aura. Unless we do it carefully, though, we shall then lose the ability to see black or deep purple!
It would be unreasonable to list innumerable colours. Let us deal with only the most common, the strongest, colours. The basic colours change according to the progress of the person in whose aura they are seen. As the person improves in spirituality, so the colour improves.

If a person is unfortunate enough to slip back on the ladder of progress, then his basic colours may alter completely or change in shade. The basic colours (which we mention below) show the “basic” person. The innumerable pastel shades indicate the thoughts and intentions as well as the degree of spirituality.

The aura swirls and flows like a particularly intricate rainbow. Colours race round the body in increasing spirals, and also pour down from the head to the feet. But these colours are many more than ever appeared in a rainbow; a rainbow is merely refraction from water crystals — simple things — the aura is life itself.

Here are some notes on a very few colours, “very few” because there is no point in dealing with others until you can see these listed!

RED.  In its good form red indicates sound driving force. Good Generals and leaders of men have a lot of clear red in their aura. A particularly clear form of red with clear yellow edges indicates a person who is a “Crusader” — one who is always striving to help others. Do NOT confuse this with the ordinary meddler; his “red” would be “brown”! Clear red bands or flashes emanating from the site of an organ indicates that the organ is in very good health. Some of the world leaders have a lot of clear red in their make-up. Unfortunately, in too many instances, it is contaminated with debasing shades.

A bad red, one that is muddy or too dark, indicates bad or vicious temper. The person is unreliable, quarrelsome, treacherous, a self seeker at the expense of others. Dull reds invariably show nervous excitation. A person with “bad” red may be physically strong. Unfortunately he will also be strong at wrong-doing. Murderers always have degraded red in their auras.

The lighter the red (LIGHTER, not “clearer”) the more nervous and unstable the person. Such a person is very active — jittery even — and cannot keep still for more than a few seconds at a time. Of course such a person is very self-centered indeed. Reds around the organs indicate their state.

A dull red, brownish red even, slowly pulsing over the site of an organ indicates cancer. One can tell if the cancer is there OR IF IT IS INCIPIENT! The aura indicates what illnesses are going to afflict the body later, unless curative steps are taken. This is going to be one of the greatest uses of “Aura Therapy” in later years.

A speckled, flashing red from the jaws indicates toothache; a dull brown pulsing in time from the nimbus indicates fright at the thought of a visit to a dentist. Scarlet is usually “worn” by those who are too sure of themselves; it indicates that a person is altogether too fond of himself. It is the colour of false pride — pride without a foundation.

But — Scarlet also shows most clearly around the hips of those ladies who sell “love” for coins of the realm! They are indeed “Scarlet Women!” Such women are usually not at all interested in the sex act as such; to them it is merely a means of earning a living. So, the over-conceited person and the prostitute share the same colours in the aura. It is worth a thought that these old sayings, such as “scarlet woman,” “blue mood,” “red rage,” “black with temper” and “green with envy” do indeed accurately indicate the aura of a person afflicted with such a mood! The people who originated such sayings obviously consciously or unconsciously saw the aura.

Still on with the “red” group — pink (it is more of a coral, really) shows immaturity. Teenagers show pink instead of any other red. In the case of an adult, pink is an indicator of childishness and insecurity.
A red-brown, something like raw liver, indicates a very nasty person indeed. One who should be avoided, for he will bring trouble. When seen over an organ it shows that the organ is very diseased indeed and the person who has such a colour over a vital organ will soon die.

All people with RED showing at the end of the breastbone (end of the sternum) have nerve trouble. They should learn to control their activities and live more sedately if they want to live long and happily.

ORANGE.  Orange is really a branch of red, but we are paying it the compliment of giving it a classification of its own because some religions of the far East used to regard orange as the colour of the sun and paid homage to it. That is why there are so many orange colours in the far East.

On the other hand, just to show the two sides of the coin, yet other religions held the belief that blue was the colour of the sun. It does not matter to which opinion you subscribe, orange is basically a good colour, and people with a suitable shade of orange in their aura are those who show much consideration for other people, they are humanitarians, people who do their best to help others not so fortunately endowed. A yellow-orange is to be desired because it shows self-control, and has many virtues.

Brownish-orange indicates a repressed lazy person who “couldn't care less!” A brownish-orange also indicates kidney trouble. If it is located over the kidneys and has a jagged grey blur in it, it shows the presence of kidney stones.

An orange which is tinged with green indicates a person who loves to quarrel just for the sake of quarrelling, and when you progress to the point when you can see the shades within the shades within the colours, then be wise and avoid arguing with those who have a green amid the orange because they can see “only black and white,” they lack imagination, they lack the perception and the discernment to realize that there are shades of knowledge, shades of opinion, and shades of colour. The person afflicted with a greenish-orange argues endlessly just for the sake of argument and without really caring whether his arguments are right or wrong; to such people the argument is the thing.
YELLOW.  A golden yellow indicates that its possessor is of a very spiritual nature. All the great saints had golden halos around their heads. The greater the spirituality the brighter glowed the golden yellow. To digress let us state here that those of the very highest spirituality also have indigo, but we are dealing with yellow! Those who have a yellow in the aura always are in good spiritual and moral health. They are well upon the Path, and according to the exact shade of yellow they have little of which to be afraid.

A person with a bright yellow in the aura can be completely trusted. A person with a degraded yellow (the colour of bad Cheddar cheese!) is of a cowardly nature, and that is why people say, “Oh, he is yellow!” It used to be far more common that one could see the aura, and presumably most of these sayings came into the different languages at that time. But a bad yellow shows a bad person, one who is really frightened of everything.

A reddish-yellow is not at all favourable because it indicates mental, moral and physical timidity, and with it absolute weakness of spiritual outlook and conviction.

People with a reddish-yellow will change from one religion to another, always seeking for something which is not obtainable in five minutes. They lack staying power; they cannot stick at a thing for more than a few moments.

A person who has a red-yellow and brown-red in the aura is always chasing after the opposite sex — and getting nowhere! It is noteworthy that if a person has red hair (or ginger) and has red-yellow in the aura, that person will be very pugnacious, very offensive, and very ready to misconstrue any remark into a personal slight. This refers particularly to those who have red hair and reddish, perhaps freckled, skin.

Some of the redder yellows indicate that the person possessing these shades has a great inferiority complex. The redder the red in the yellow, the greater the degree of inferiority.

A brownish-yellow shows very impure thoughts indeed and poor spiritual development. Presumably most people know about Skid Row, the vale to which all drunks, deadbeats, and derelicts eventually drift on this Earth. Many of the people in that class, or condition, have this red-brown yellow, and if they are particularly bad they have an unpleasant form of lime green speckling the aura. These people can rarely be saved from their own folly.

A brownish-yellow indicates impure thoughts and that the person concerned does not always keep to the straight and narrow path. In the health line a green-yellow shows liver complaints. As the greenish-yellow turns to brownish-reddish-yellow it shows that the complaints are more in the nature of social diseases.

A person with a social disease invariably has a dark brown, dark yellow band around the hips. It is often speckled with what looks to be red dust. With the brown becoming more and more pronounced in the yellow, and perhaps showing jagged bands, it indicates mental afflictions.

A person who is a dual personality (in the psychiatric sense) will often show one half of the aura as a bluish-yellow and the other half as a brownish or greenish-yellow. It is a thoroughly unpleasant combination.

The pure golden yellow with which we commenced this heading of “Yellow” should always be cultivated. It can be attained by keeping one's thoughts and one's intentions pure. Every one of us has to go along through the brighter yellow before we get far along the path of evolution.

GREEN.  Green is the colour of healing, the colour of teaching, and the colour of physical growth.

Great doctors and surgeons have a lot of green in their aura; they also have a lot of red, and, curiously enough, the two colours blend most harmoniously and there is no discord between them. Red and green when seen together in materials often clash and offend, but when they are seen in the aura they please. Green with a suitable red indicates a brilliant surgeon, a most competent man.

Green alone without the red indicates a most eminent physician, one who knows his job, or it might indicate a nurse whose vocation is both her career and her love. Green mixed with a suitable blue indicates success at teaching. Some of the greater teachers had green in their auras and bands, or striations, of swirling blue, a form of electric blue, and often between the blue and the green there would be narrow bands of golden yellow which would indicate that the teacher was one who had the welfare of his students at heart and had the necessary high spiritual perceptions in order to teach the best subjects.
All those who are concerned with the health of people and animals have much green in their auric make-up. They may not be high ranking surgeons or physicians, but all people, no matter who they are, if they are dealing with health either of animals or humans or plants, they all have a certain amount of green in their aura.

It seems to be almost their badge of office! Green is not a dominant colour, though; it is nearly always subservient to some other colour. It is a helpful colour and indicates that one who has much green in the aura is of a friendly, compassionate, considerate nature. If the person has a yellowish-green, however, then that person cannot be trusted, and the more the mixture of unpleasant yellow to unpleasant green, the more untrustworthy, the more unreliable the person.

Confidence tricksters have a yellow-green — the type of people who talk nicely to a person and then swindle them out of their money — these have a sort of lime green to which their yellow is added. As the green turns to blue — usually a pleasant sky blue or electric blue — the more trustworthy a person is.
BLUE.  This colour is often referred to as the colour of the spirit world. It also shows intellectual ability as apart from spirituality, but of course it has to be of the right shade of blue; with the right shade it is a very favourable colour indeed.

The etheric is of a bluish tinge, a blue somewhat similar to non-inhaled cigarette smoke, or the blue of a wood fire. The brighter the blue, the healthier and the more vigorous in health is the person.

Pale blue is the colour of a person who vacillates a lot, a person who cannot make up his mind, a person who has to be pushed in order to get any worthwhile decision from him.

A darker blue is that of a person who is making progress, a person who is trying. If the blue is darker still it shows one who is keen on the tasks of life and who has found some satisfaction in it.

These darker blues are often found in missionaries who are missionaries because they have definitely had “A Call.” It is not found in missionaries who just desire a job perhaps travelling round the world with all expenses paid. One can always judge of a person by the vigour of the yellow and the darkness of the blue.

INDIGO.  We are going to class indigo and violet as being under the same heading because one shade imperceptibly into the other and it is very much a case of one being quite dependent upon the other. People with indigo showing to a marked extent in their aura are people of deep religious convictions, not merely those who profess to be religious.

There is a great deal of difference; some people say that they are religious, some people believe they are religious, but until one can actually see the aura one cannot say for sure; indigo proves it conclusively.

If a person has a pinkish tinge in the indigo the possessor of such a marked aura will be touchy and unpleasant, particularly to those who are under the control of the afflicted person. The pinkish tinge in the indigo is a degrading touch, it robs the aura of its purity. Incidentally, people with indigo or violet or purple in their auras suffer from heart trouble and stomach disorders. They are the type of people who should have no fried food and very little fat food.
GREY.  Grey is a modifier of the colours of the aura. It does not signify anything of itself unless the person is most unevolved. If the person at whom you are looking is unevolved, then there will be great bands and splotches of grey, but you normally would not be looking at the nude body of an unevolved person.

Grey in a colour shows a weakness of character and a general poorness of health. If a person has grey bands over a particular organ it shows that the organ is in danger of breaking down, IS breaking down, and medical attention should be sought immediately.

A person with a dull throbbing headache will have a grey smoky cloud going through the halo or nimbus, and no matter what colour the halo, grey bands going through it will pulsate in time with the throb of the headache."
Source: "You forever", lesson5, by Lobsang Rampa, as it is in:


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