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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013


                                      The AURA

"The Energy Field of Light and Color Around Us"
Perception and intuition are the first avenues for awareness. The duplicate is your aura. In my work, I know the importance of maintaining a healthy aura, radiant and functional. As I am able to visualize and identify the energy, the light and the colors that make up the electromagnetic field of a person, I can understand how our bodies, our minds and our emotions are influenced by the conditions of our aura and vice versa. This invisible field of energy is formed by layers of life energy and strength and is always alive, active and conscious.
Think of the aura as a gleaming glass shell that surrounds your body. From the moment of its conception to the end of its physical incarnation, its aura accumulates every thought, word, feeling and act of his life. Just like the rain, earth and dust coat a glass surface, your aura is covered by pieces of years of life experiences.
Now, imagine that you have never cleaned that glass. It would be impossible to see through it. Your view of the road of life would be extremely limited. You could not think clearly, feel very insecure and unprotected, and probably end up by taking wrong decisions or do not decide anything. I could not get where you want to go.

The awareness and ability to see, feel, do and live with total freedom is related to your auric shield. For its expansion in the world you depends on the condition that the electromagnetic field energy has. As you study the aura and its layers, its extrasensory perception develops gradually and naturally.

At the moment of conception when the sperm penetrates the egg the electromagnetic fields arise from the father and mother. The egg will only accept the sperm that perfectly match your own electromagnetic sphere. That's why I tell my students that no one is here by accident. We choose our parents. This choice is made by the soul before incarnating on Earth.
At the exact point in which both spheres merge a burst of color is being released creating a new electromagnetic field that becomes the aura of the human embryo.  Cell division is started and the chromosomes are formed.

The word "chromosome" comes from the Greek ("chroma" = color) and ("sum" = body) and is due to their property of being very strongly stained by dyes.

These chromosomes bear their true auric colors.
Inside the aura are all the information necessary for life, including its ancestral bloodline and a record of your past lives and contracts and karmic lessons you want to solve in this life.

 The aura is composed of many layers or "bodies". Within these various layers of the aura is the energy patterns that affect your personality physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As you realize the energetic patterns of your aura as described below this includes too how they can influence us. Learning to recognize these patterns and their energy will help to increase your perception or spiritual consciousness.

The ethereal layer

The ethereal layer or double body is the energy body that surrounds the physical body. It is an exact copy of your "self" physical. The ethereal layer acts as a switchboard between the soul of a person and his physical body.
It is this layer that influences the DNA. For spiritual purposes, I believe that DNA contains a pattern of perception that is always changing, changing and advancing to keep the shape that best fits the survival of the human race.

From the ethereal layer emanating are  seven major chakras or energy systems of the human body. Each chakra in the etheric body has its own color, and the color varies with the thoughts, moods and one's environment.
The chakras also contain vibrational frequencies, sounds, and aromas. They resemble oval wheels turning around. Every chakra is interrelated to the others and connects all points of our physical bodies. The light above the upper chakras feeds the lower chakras.
Most of us communicate through various chakras at the same time especially in the three lower centers: root, spleen and solar plexus. When we want to communicate from the upper or spiritual levels we do it through the third eye chakra and head. For this to happen all chakras should be working at optimal frequencies.
In a healthy system all centers of the chakras spin clockwise like a watch and all are interconnected to each other. When a chakra system is fully open and functional it is possible to live on one's own breath without food or water. The energy that flows from this body is essentially free of all toxins.
Unfortunately, most of us do not have a healthy system of chakras. One or more chakras may be turned off or spinning around anti-clockwise. (1)
This is usually due to lifestyle, beliefs, fears and experiences. When energy is blocked in one of our centers or chakras symptoms of physical illness may show up...
The next layer of the aura is the astral body. This layer basically stands for the emotional state of the person. The emotional layer is mainly concerned with experiences of the past and is driven by programs developed in childhood and other past experiences. It tends to form bonds with people, places and objects.
For example, a friend lost his father at age of six. Losing a mother or father in childhood may be the cause the condition for a person's feelings of abandonment. This happened to my friend. He was involved in relationships in which he was systematically rejected and kept getting fired from jobs. This only served to increase his sense of abandonment and eventually became a vicious circle.
Finally, he acknowledged that he needed to learn to deal with the pain of losing his father. When he managed to get rid of feelings of abandonment, sadness, fear and anger that accompanied him, he could stop the karmic wheel is driven by that load of highly emotional experience.
As you may thus see the astral layer works in harmony with the karmic lessons that a soul chooses to learn in each life. We attract people with the specific purpose of completing the karmic relationships.
The third layer of the aura mainly focuses primarily on the future. This is the mental body who lives in the Land of "what if." This layer hates change and prefers to behave in a repetitive manner. Most habits are rooted in the mental body. This concrete mental body wants to control (things) matters all the time and always tries to dominate the emotional body. It does not care about feelings and urges the person to repeat always the same pattern of behavior.
The mental layer is under thought. I have always said in my previous books and in my seminars that thoughts are real things. They are so tangible and may be perceived as your car but you can not see them with your physical eyes. Thoughts are like X-rays, microwaves, radio waves and electricity: there is a level of frequency different from our bodies.
You use your microwave to heat food even if not physically seeing the microwave. Something is working and you benefit from it. The thoughts are also always running and you can benefit or get into trouble because of them. The thoughts are filtered through your mental body the same way that radio waves emit signals to your TV. The mental layer is your connection to your spiritual thoughts and therefore is of great importance.
As radio waves, thoughts are vibrational and invisible. They permeate the atmosphere traveling as electrical currents from person to person. They are like Hawkers and sponges: they absorb all thoughts our friends, lovers, children, coworkers, and even strangers have for us. This can be either positive or negative for our welfare.
I recognized this phenomenon when I began to scan the energy fields of people who came to me for sessions. Almost always I could capture the thoughts of others within the auric field of my clients. A psychic friend once made an observation that defines precisely this idea that we are "Walking sponges": "It is not what is wrong with you, it is what vibrates is wrong with you!"

Most psychics use the mental layer of the aura to receive information from the spiritual world. Information received from the mental body usually seem imaginary and fantastic so that most of the people usually ignore them. However the more one becomes sensitive to the subtleties and power of the spirit over this layer this will be strengthened and begins to fulfill his goal of being a liaison with the spirit.

The ethereal layer
 The upper body or etheric layer of the aura is a beautiful golden light that is approximately one meter above the surface of the physical body. Inside this layer is the ability to learn, grow and heal.
All tasks completed by the soul are recorded in this layer: It is the bond of soul records with the Chakras. These records are the details of the cosmic existence of all people since the beginning of the world.
Every moment of your life whether physical or not is indelibly recorded in this cosmic consciousness. In other words: the records of the chakras contain all the thoughts, feelings, experiences, subtleties, impulses, details of a person's entire existence.

Now that you have an idea of the composition of the aura,  you may begin to understand why it is a vital link  to our psychic encounters. The aura is the bridge to everything  that may not be seen. Through it we are able to harmonize with the more subtle and spiritual dimensions.
The more powerful an aura is the easier it will be and more useful to receive messages from spiritual friends. The more fragile some aura is, the more likely it will attract negative entities and energies into your life.
Whenever someone comes to me, I try to fit into the person's aura to access his/her spiritual world around him/her.
I also make sure I that your energy is properly established. This will make it some clear spiritual connection. If the person is emotionally or mentally unstable it is more difficult to get a clear channel  which is free with the other side.
The following story illustrates what can happen when your aura is vulnerable to negative influences created by your own thoughts or the thoughts of others.

A few years ago, a woman named Rachel came to my office. By the time she came, I realized that there was something very wrong with  her. Her face was pale, cadaverous, her eyes were expressionless. I knew she brought something with herself and immediately invited her to sit down to be able to help her.
- How have you been?

- I've been more tired than normal. I feel a lot of pain and restlessness - Rachel replied. 

I told her before trying to communicate to the spirit world I would get in touch with her energy field in order to see what I could find. She agreed.

As soon as I focused intuitively in her aura, I noticed several very different forms of thoughts of the rest of their vibrations. I assumed that the energy around Rachel was not hers and was terribly affecting her.
My clairvoyance then showed me some static electricity around the woman's head like fireworks bursting in all directions.

This I said to her:

- At first, I must tell you that you are extremely busy, with lots of mental energy around you.
Then I saw a variety of colors and forms surrounding her head and shoulders.
- Do you often have headaches that originate in the neck, and at the top of the column?
- I often - Rachel replied. - Normally, at the end of the day.
- This matches what I'm seeing.

I continued to search her auric field and suddenly felt a great uneasiness: I saw dark energy spheres in form of a spiral attached to various parts of her body. At the top of her head, I saw a streak red penetrating like a face that screamed. Several little children clung to life at the center of the woman's heart. In the left part of the head I saw banknotes in flames. Red and black rays moved between the neck and head. This generally indicates that there is a lot of anger in the person. Rachel's shoulders seemed to be being pushed down by a large force.
At that moment, something scary came: I saw a bearded man, sitting in dark brown energy space on top of this woman. His fingers looked like big nails buried on top of her head.
- I had to tell her that she seemed like a psychic sponge: she absorbed energy from many people and these energies were clinging to her.
Continued, describing what I saw around her:

- Is there someone close to you, a man of dark beard and green eyes, which is very controlling. Is it true?
She was surprised:

- There is.

- The image of this man is in your aura and he's undermining your energy: he is controlling the area of your back.

- That's right. I know who he is. I have had headaches since I abandoned him.
After I described my impressions in more detail she confirmed what I had said:

- Almost a year ago I got divorced and since then my life became a living hell. My ex-husband has threatened me and scared my children. Last week I finally got a court order for him to withdraw from us.

Rachel began to cry as he continued telling the terrible situation in which she was presently:

- We had a business together and she found out that he diverted all their money to give to another woman. - She burst into sobs: - We have three children. He said in court that I was not a good mother and wanted sole custody of the children. He tried to make the children turn against me. I feel so angry that I just want to scream.
- I regret very much to know your situation - I said softly. If you learn to regain power and not let your ex-husband from entering your space you will not feel so helpless.
She looked at me with her big brown eyes:

- I am capable of it?

- You know the velcro adheres strongly, do you not? - I Asked. She nodded, and I continued: - Well, it's as if you were using a velcro clothing. There are forms of thought and emotional energy such as anger and fear which occupy your space and stick to you like they were velcro. This is because your own feelings of anger and fear are attracting these things  to you. But the velcro also has an advantage: you can discard it without difficulty if you want to. You just must know how to proceed.
I described how she could control her power to strengthen her aura and showed her how to protect her aura against thoughts and emotions of others.

I said to her:

 - It is important that you train daily to begin to recover your energy. Take one step at a time every day until you feel recovered their self-esteem.
When I finished this conversation, I felt the spirit world had forwarded the information she needed to hear.
To capture auras differs from person to person. Some are able to see the energy vortices that penetrate the aura while others see thought forms. Still others capture only part of the aura or some of its many layers. I've seen several layers, colors and densities of the auric field. To perceive colors is especially gratifying when a person is healthy and happy. The colors may have the appearance of a beautiful explosion of fireworks.
On the other hand when I see an aura like Rachel's - murky, dense, speckled with black spots and full of static - I know that this person is stuck with thoughts of anger, rage, violence, prejudice or resentment. Poor health can come in the colors brown, red or dark gray. The extent and intensity of discoloration indicate the degree of disease of the individual.
Emotional trauma, physical pain and illness, patterns of addiction and drug abuse, negative belief systems, stress, loss of a loved one, energy from other people, lower astral entities, abusive relationships all these things contribute to weaken the aura.
Even foods may influence the condition of the aura. Eating the meat of an animal that has been mistreated may bring that energy to people more painful and sensitive to one's own system. If dedicated ourselves to harmonize ourselves with our bodies, this is easily done by estimating  which foods are suitable for us.
Caffeine and excessive alcohol can cause havoc in our auric field. These stimulants agitate the nervous system and cause our imagination works too much, sometimes seeing things that do not even exist. On the other hand fruits and vegetables help cleanse our system and keep it clean.

Negative patterns of the aura can make us vulnerable to harmful influences from other people. This may become a permanent and vicious circle. Therefore it is very important to understand that we are the creators of our own world. The energy of others only affect us if we do not cleanse, purify and protect our aura.
There are many defects that contribute energy to weaken the aura. Let's examine each of them.


Energy losses occur where the auric layer material was damaged or withered and appear like dark ink droplets in the clear water. They are usually found in layers of ethereal and astral auras but may extend to upper layers if left untreated. These energy losses occur when there is an injury to the body, surgery, chronic illness, emotional and psychological shock. Usually cause physical discomfort and might lead to more serious symptoms such as chronic headaches, back pain, fatigue, abnormal cell growth and endocrine dysfunction.


Tears appear to the eye as psychic cracks or holes in the fabric aura. Tears are more serious than energy losses. Most tears are caused by a shock or acute trauma such as the sudden death of a loved one, accidents, physical and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and circumstances that cause overwhelming stress levels in the body, emotion and the psyche. Tears are serious business: they leave us with an unprotected aura. When you have tears in the aura, you may experience chronic fatigue, depression, digestive disorders, headaches, arthritic pain, and immune deficiency. The depletion of the aura is a byproduct of tears and loss of energy in the electromagnetic field. This makes us vulnerable to psychic attacks to be controlled by entities and sometimes even death.

Other forms of exhaustion of the aura are known as energy impurities which are stagnant and blocking zones. These areas inhibit the free flow of energy in the aura. Impurities have various shapes and many sizes and are also caused by negative thought patterns, low self-esteem, anger and bitterness, resentment and pain, substance abuse, self-destructive tendencies, and harmful relationships. The impurities in the aura symptoms include confusion, obsessive-compulsive, manic-depressive behavior, and eating disorders.

(1) Interestingly the way to unlock the energy is by turning it into the opposite direction to clockwise, viewed from the front of the body.

Author unknown.


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