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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

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I do not want me to paste all that has been written and said about the third view, however, I realize that is not easy to write about this subject.

I did not want to copy everything that has been said and written about 3rd Vision yet not with standing I am deeply aware that writing about it is not an easy undertaking.

Therefore I shall restrict myself to what I learned and have experienced myself for years with my own vision and the knowledge of some books which I studied minutiously.

By ancient Tibetan tradition long before Madame Blavatsky and use of Akashic Chronicle I have learned that the Lemurians used this vision all the time and thus their perception of the universe differed largely from ours.

Please look at the description of root races according to the Theosophical Society founded by Madame Blavatsky:

As its 6th chakra was quite evolved and even predominant to other chakras, Lemurian race had a vision from a distance not only spatial but also temporal.

If the term "television" i.e. "distant vision"  was not affixedly associated with "TV of Nowadays" and its role it is playing presently in our life - it could very well designate the capacity of 3rd vision the Lemurians once exercised and practised.

They saw  future and  past in the same way and traveled through the entire universe just with their special  3rdVision.

It might be usual to regard  all those who have currently developed this ability in any of their DNA-strands that they are re-incarnations of the Lemurians on Earth now.

And by that time I refer to a period prior to 45,000 up to hundreds of thousands of years ago.

More is displayed here about the Lemurians (Born out of the Egg) :

Consider two races before that this is the Aryan race or Arias. After the Lemurians and before us, the Aryans, have the Atlanteans whose civilization was destroyed at about 12,000 years.

Let us consider before two other races: After the Lemurians there were the Atlanteans whose civilization had been destroyed about 12,000 years ago and then the  contemporary Aryan or Arias. 

My dates do not match with those of Wikipedia but the true story will be revealed in due course and proven by newly discovered fossil evidence.

Ours is the first race that is evolving without an almost entire destruction of civilization caused by some huge cataclysm.

Then there occurred great cataclysm like floods and other disasters and there have testimonies been found that when extinction of the last race of Atlanteans were approaching this was also accompanied by some violent changing rotation of the Earth's axis.  

This - change of rotation of the Earth's axis - is a constant characteristic factor when switching over to another race and also has been taken place in our time although in a more gently way.

Despite the violent changes in the layers of earth's crust there remained still some traces of fossils, buildings and even living beings.

Due to this reason there remained and existed still some Lemurians and Atlanteans during the move to Aryan human population.

Due to  the rotation of Earth's axis time was expanded and days were longer and thus made Lemurians and Atlanteans live much longer.

Gravity also was somewhat less and thus these human people were of larger size and also more powerful strength.

Both these precedent races left a trail of legends in all human being ascending now.

And always recurring in these legends is the fact that precedent races made widely use of some very advanced technology-system.

They were even mentally superior to us and very aware that they made widely use of their "3rd Eye"and other capabilities which are widely uncommon nowadays. 

However, during their last age they resorted to use their gifted powers solely to their very own advantage and not in assistance to supporting other humans. 

Thus spiritual use of their capabilities lessened increasingly and evolution of human species grew more in some technical and materialistic ways.

And that's what our ancestors left us: the evanescent memory of a lost world and our better genetic inheritance which made our mental and spiritual capacities to become latent...

There are also Lemurian remainders in the formation of stones in the designs of Nazca and Ica stones, both in Peru, South America.

In Nazca visible lines may only be traced from airplanes since they may not be perceived from the


In Ica there are thousands of stones whose post-skate design indicates an age older than 80,000 years describing no longer existing continents like some large one situated in the Pacific Ocean of now. This continent is bedlieved to be MU the Ancient Lemuria.

Also surgery operations of heart transplantations are being described which nowadays have been done in recent times. This also goes for surgery transplantations of brains...


The Museum of Paracas, Peru, located in the region of Ica and Nazca shows the famous elongated skulls with a capacity greater than ours which is indicative for high size judging by the skull base.

Elongated skulls: this video explains how it was the type of Being with such a skull.

Coincidentally, Machu Picchu is also located in Peru 

"Sacred zone", this structure is known as "The Main Temple".

This set of buildings arranged around a square courtyard is given the above name. There is every evidence indicating this "Main Temple" had been used for various rituals.

This includes two of the best buildings of Machu Picchu which are formed by rocks worked up into grid size: The Temple of the Three Windows whose walls of large polygonal blocks were placed as a jigsaw puzzle, and the "Main Temple" with more regularblocks which is believed  to have been the main ceremonial precinct in the city.

Along with the latter there is what is called the "Priest'sHouse or the Chamber of Ornaments". There is also some evidence  assuming  that the general assembly has not been built to its final end as planned. 

Kryon speaks at Machu Picchu, the trip of kundalini in 2012:

Machu Picchu is not only famous for being the last place where there lived an Inca-King but also for some location considered to be a most sacred place of superhuman proportions not only by the size of the stones but also by the type of construction that was made like a puzzle.

Each stone fits the other with virtually no space between the joints.

Another example, still in Peru, is Ollantaytambo:

Video on antediluvian buildings, part 2:

There are more places like that around the world and if you search for it you will see that the type of construction has these two characteristics. Superhuman size adapted to the height of human beings and the use of advanced technology to structure great buildings.

Which brings us to our most sacred Western books  "The Bible" in which the high size of some human beings are being described with more than three meters.

Gen 6:4 

"In those days, there were Nephilim (giants) in the earth, and also later, when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. They were the heroes of old, men famous."

One of the modern religions with more studies about this antediluvian season is "The Seventh Day Adventists" who without blinking reveal to us the time of our ancestors, their weight, and even their physical strength.

In Africa:

In Ethiopia, the Gona River, in 1997 3,000 objects werefound  tools for working on stones that appear to be the oldest man-made ever found. They are surprisingly sophisticated objects being 2.5 million years of age.

In the 80s, in Egypt, a finger was found mummified measuring a length of 38 cm:

A footprint, little known, also was found in Africa, Swaziland:

African spider "God Anansi". Before Anansi arriving, human beings had no dreams.  After his arrival all dreams are his very own.  He also owns the Rainbow, and is reputed to dress in all colors and invented music.

In Europe:

The three blind sisters in Greek mythology, the Moirai, weaving the web of destiny.

With regard to this tradition: "War of the Gods" and the Cyclopes are very similar to the description of the Nephilim.

Cyclopes, in the interior of Greek mountains, was working on orders of Hephaestus, manufacturing the weapons of Zeus and Poseidon.

Still other evidence was found in Greece, in the grotto of Teopetra, 350 km from Athens:


The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and other texts tell of the hideous war that took place. There are twenty five thousand years ago between Atlantis (giants Daityas) and the kingdom of Bharata (India), led by Rama and the use of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear Artifacts, laser) that could not be imagined by readers until the second half of the twentieth century.

A more traditional view:

6th CHAKRA (3rd EYE) = AJNA

Located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. It is known as 3rd or "3rd Eye Vision". The color associated with this chakra is indigo blue (dark blue). The associated element is light. Governs the pituitary gland, left eye, nose and ears. 

Is associated with telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition and mental development. 

Gives insight, intuition and the ability to know itself. 
Vitalizes the low brain (cerebellum) and central nervous system. Responsible for vision. 

Minerals and gemstones associated with it are the lapis lazuli, azurite, sodalite, pure quartz crystal, sapphire, tourmaline. 
Foods that are beneficial are from blue or purple fruits and vegetables.

This chakra indicates lessons how to learn certain qualities: realization of the soul, intuition, "insight", imagination, clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom, devotion, perception beyond duality.

May also manifest as negative qualities if the person is working with a low vibration,  following characteristics may show up: lack of concentration, fear, cynicism, tension, headaches, eye problems, nightmares and displacement of this world too.

There is also some certainTibetan ceremony to raise the 3rd view:

These two links and video are very interesting:

Morphology Eye

The cones and rod cells: the human eye

The cellular structure of the retina. Right, a cone between two groups of rod cells.

The cones are the cells that the human eye has the ability to recognize colors. As for the rod cells, another kind of cell in the human eye has the ability to recognize light. There are approximately 6 million in each human eye concentrated in the fovea. The absence or deficiency in cones leads to blindness.

Rods are photoreceptor cells of the retina that can operate at low light levels. Are primarily responsible for night vision. Got this name from its elongated and cylindrical shape. They are also used in peripheral vision.

These cells are concentrated most externally in the retina and exist in the retina of humans with about 100 million rod cells.

These serve when a person enters a darker room, the rod cells work in such way that objects become more visible and when coming to a place with more lighter helps also to see objects better. These rods are located in the fovea region.

They are 100 times more sensitive to light than cones, but only detect shades of gray.

The activation of a rod cell occurs through a process called hyperpolarization.

Color Blindness:

                                      Ishihara test

You can find here if you have Color Blindness:

Comparing the eyes of an animal especially gifted to see dim lights as the aura is for instance the cat with some normal human: "cats have 180 degrees of peripheral vision and see only three colors i.e. yellow, green, and blue but at night their vision is 6 times better than ours.

By light they sacrifice color comparing to us but although our peripheral vision is higher, 200 degrees, because the eyes are at the same level, something that is only shared with other primates.

I see auras and I'm not colorblind, but I realized that I can see more colors and shades that one person who can't see auras.

I see too well with less light compared to other people and so I think it might have more rods and cones than usuallyis common now.

Or maybe you should learn to better use your eyes ... I  don't usually see auras, i.e. I do not see these all the time.

I have to defocus the vision so as to fail to see the object to observe and see around this object; put me a little beside (see with the corner of the eye) in order to use the rod cells and is already ...

In order to preview the correct colors of the aura it is also important to have some indirect light (not much but a little) and an opaque none background or black opaque, so that there is no brilliance.

If you can see something go on practicing and remember the Atlanteans, always had to use this gift to serve others.

If you do otherwise you soon will lose this ability and accumulate karma.

I leave you with the view of (Contra) Mary:

They say history repeats itself.

Probably our future will be the same as our past in which the archetype of perfection i.e. "Adam Kadmon" -mentioned in Kabbalah - will repeat itself as it is our way back to God and immortality.

I dedicate this post to the Peruvian people, past, present and future, because I believe that this region of the Earth is bearing the evidence of all this which I am talking here about and soon beyond when we may discover more artifacts and then may interpret more about this subject.

Paz e Amor
Curadora 64
Thanks to ContrastMary for proofreading, cooperation and friendship.

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