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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

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"Look deep into the eyes of an animal and, for a moment, switch places with him. His life becomes as precious as yours and you become as vulnerable as him. Now smile if you believe all animals deserve our respect and our protection, because at some point they are us and we are them. "- Philip Ochoa

According to the book of Genesis (Genesis 2:20) God after creating marine animals on 4th day, created the land animals on Day 5 and Day 6 only created Man.

By leaving man to name the animals he allowed man to know them and thus gave man  domineering power over animals .

However, the yoke on the animal world, without compassion and without loving service to Nature has become the biggest problem for Mankind. Everything negative has been generated, since it was dictated by this first general removal from Nature which also spawned a separation from God.

In recent days mankind is doing the re-wiring, a new junction with nature and with God.  


And Man must do so through his closest relatives: the animals.

Well said, Family: according to the Linnaean Taxonomy the Class of mammals is one of the smallest, with only 5500 different species on Earth, Air or Seas and these are the most similar to us humans.

They are our pets which today are treated as members of our family, sharing our food, our joys and our sorrows and almost all belong to this Linnaean Taxonomy. They are beings who accompany us, give us love and share our loneliness civilization.

However, to humanize them will mean make them suffer from the same disease as we do having to cope with alike injuries as well as move away from nature.


If an animal could talk to us it would ask us only what any of us longs for: freedom and dignity.

Until when the lack of integrity that allows us to enjoy both animals and eat their flesh?

"That's right - to kill a deer or a cow - it seems natural because we are at the top of the hierarchy. 
But it would suffice if a third party entered the game, for example, a visitor from another planet, to  whom God has said: Thou shalt reign over creatures of all other stars, so that all evidence of Genesis was in doubt. Man has been tied to the wagon of a Martian - possibly grilled on a spit by a visitor of the Milky Way - perhaps remember the veal cutlet that he had the habit of cutting on his plate would ask (too late) for apologizing to the cow. " - Milan Kundera

Therefore, it is expected that after millennia of ignorance with regard to Nature, Man only now begin to wake up and recognize his equal in animals at all.


When in 1995 my father saw a fireball in the sky, near our old house, a tiger-cat  appeared very young in our backyard, which in the following gave birth to two litters of cats.

One of the surviving cats first litter with only 3 months apart from their brethren of the second litter of kittens decided to look like a surrogate of her mother.

He knew he had to help his mother take care of his brothers and washed them and educated them.

They had an outhouse in the backyard, my parents built for the little family and when I peeked there he was with the brothers keeping them warm and caring for them.

At that time, I realized that animals were special and in the development of their life stories, I noticed their different personalities and even their feelings. During the 20 years I lived in this house over 20 cats lived with us.

The first was the cat that had lasted longer than 10 years ... until now I miss her and sometimes I visit her in my astral travels.


"An individual animal needs care not because their species is endangered, but because the individual person is in pain." - Ronnie Lee (1951)

It was also then that I realized that all the different creatures of God had a mind and a soul.

Fortunately, scientists are beginning to realize the same and studying animal intelligence.


The parrot Alex who spoke with sense and logic, studied for years by a scientist and both of them were one family.

The monkeys that beat humans in intelligence tests, are studied at Kyoto University:

A few years ago, in 2004, Jean-Denis Vigne of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, and his colleagues reported having unearthed evidence suggesting that ancient men should keep cats as pets.

The discovery comes from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where, 9500 years ago, a human adult of unknown sex was left to final rest in a shallow grave.

Various objects accompanied the body: stone tools, a piece of iron oxide, and a handful of shells in their own tiny grave, only 40 cm away, a cat eight months of age, the body facing in the same direction west than the human.



The dog is a descendant of the wolf and was domesticated thousands of years ago.

Interestingly, for the Romans, the word cattus meant both cat or dog. And a female puppy dog or "Canícula" is the same word as for the star Sirius.

"If you see the donkey or ox fallen on the way as your brother, do not ignore it; without fail help him to lift them again" - Deuteronomy 22:4

Upon the souls of animals, I must say that it is similar to ours because the aura manifests the same as ours: health, love, fear and even wisdom.

One of my animals, a male puppy pincher race, had tremendous pain in bones that were seen in their aura that was throbbing with bright dots.


"The animals share with us the privilege of having a soul." - Pythagoras

There is a blog about animals that I love and from where this image is extracted:


Kryon through Lee Carroll also talked about the role of animals:

Let us not forget that the instinctive mind of animals is often superior to our intellectual mind.

I believe that there are also distinct lines of evolution and therefore we should respect and work with the Animal Kingdom.

So it was in ancient Egypt and earlier in the first GoldenAge of Atlantis where the figures of sphinxes predominated.

The meaning was this: a woman's head on a lion's body, animals and humanity were united and nourished up, were completed ...

The religion of the ancient Egyptians was completely dominated by the Gods of animal form:

My favorite goddess of ancient Egypt is the goddess Bastet:


Adopting an animal is an act of Spiritual Love:

Our emotional relationship with animals is special:

Modern man has instituted a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights:

that makes me very proud, but like its counterpart the rights of humanity, has been highly disrespected.

But even so, with such simplicity, innocence and generosity, animals help us to recover from illnesses and achieve balance, only with your company:

Dogs doctors who help children with leukemia:

The cat owner Jessi saved from a life of drug addiction:


Due to the gifts of animals, still not understood by Western science, scientists think that dogs can sniff out cancer.

In fact, as the more refined sense of smell is a dog's and a cat's vision and that's how these animals perceive a spectrum of energy that only humans can detect when clairvoyant.


Lily cat saves the life of young owner who is epileptic, predicting his attacks and this is not an unprecedented event:



The ancient and modern witches have a black cat that protects and helps while they develop their powers:

A cat who likes to ride the bus, is more common than you think:

Logbook of Dudu, the dog sailor:


My friend and collaborator (Contra) Mary has a beautiful text about her experience with animals:

I finish this article with a quote from S. Francis of Assisi:

"All beings of creation are children of the Father and brothers of man ... God wants us to help animals, if they need help. Every creature in distress has the same right to be protected."



Happy Easter!


Proofreading and translation by ContrastMary

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