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Algumas considerações sobre a visualização espontânea de auras

domingo, 10 de março de 2013


It is something that is on everyone's agenda which everyone has to learn about these days.

It is something  we all know and do instinctively because it is our birthright and also our true nature.

Before everything we solely have been  conscience upon the waters of universal mind.

The book of Genesis begins with the following sentence: "In the early days of everything it was the Spirit of God solely that moved upon the waters."1

Here it is the Spirit or Consciousness symbolizing diversity of minds that moves upon the Universal Mind waters.

The next call also: "Light shall appear everywhere!" - Symbolizing the begin of all Divine Creation, is related to our purpose of putting our mind on to apprehend all various subjects.

For all clairvoyants this is quite clear. While meditating about some material subject we may perceive some cloud that comes out from the aura  covering completely the subject of meditation.

I have reason to believe that this is replicated in all dimensional planes of mind.

When being young I learned how to access the universal mind and now in older age I noticed that learning is more useful for practical things of life such as handling PCs, for example, and also about other more spiritual pieces of knowledge which will facilitate healing methods.

And how can we access the Universal Mind? Just as I told you earlier: not without inner silence and calmness…

Be centered in your inner heart while visualizing intentionally what it is that you want.

The methods how people will get what they want will vary according to each individual person.

Good Scientists do very well this procedure however a good carpenter also may be able to go through this procedure very successfully.

This procedure will not entail the use of of intellectual mind - those on search for responses, for example, go down to their inner core for some mathematical complex equation.

It is as if we had access to a great universal storehouse of information or Universal Energy.

Thus information of this source may be elaborated by our small peace of mind only if we use our spiritual or emotional or even our instinctive mind.

This is exactly the same when I am out of bounds on astral travelling in order to speak to far-away friends and facilitate healing for them or even just to find some inner answers.

By the way, it is better to work from afar since on route there is no dependance on connections of Reality nor on my very own personal viewpoint.

Reality is energy and all of us are bound in this great mixed Energy’s amalgam. Power connections are more simple and also stronger in higher realms.

In her "Conversations with Jesus ChristAlexandra Solnado, a Portuguese channeller, always talks about the truth of ascension. In order to see the final picture - the final reality - we have to go onward climbing the ladder of ascension up and up.

Scientists are close to these discoveries and to be able to prove them in 3D.

The Higgs boson has been discovered in LHC 

(Large Hadron Collider) Geneva Switzerland recently.

This video explains well what is the Higgs boson with English sound  and Portuguese subtitles:

Thus the way has been opened to a platform unifying all four basic parts of Physics (gravity, weak nuclear forces, strong nuclear forces and electromagnetism) to which - according to Einstein in his latest work - the 5th particle might be the unifying glue to all basic parts of Physic.

Spiritual healing and other phenomena such as telepathy have been scientifically studied by scientists who are not related to nor liking studies of Noetic science.

The Science of Mind is greatly projected and developed in the United States by "The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)".

Soon all humanity will understand in its contemplative mind and hard science the intellectual sense of what the Buddha meant, with reference also to quotes of Gyatso,Tenzin, Dalai Lama XIV  :

"The world is created by our thoughts, that consciousnessis everywhere and that reality and life are one, with all its constituent elements inextricably linked by webs of interdependence."

A very good UK blog about Noetic Science:

Shalom - Peace - Pax - Om Shanti

1 "In the beginning God created heavens and earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of waters."(Genesis 1:1-2) (ARC)


Author: Curadora64 

Translated by ContrastMary

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